Church Farm Ardeley 

Enjoy walking the lanes around the farm. Dress to blend in, go quietly, and you will be amazed at the wildlife you will see and hear!

In winter the fields and paths can be very muddy. Remember to wear appropriate waterproof footwear and dress up warm. There is a hose pipe and brush at the green shed near to Home Field which can be used to hose down muddy boots, buggies and dogs!

Dogs are always welcome at the farm but please do keep them on their lead when walking around the farm. Sadly there is no such thing as a poo fairy so we ask dog owners to ALWAYS carry a bag when walking your dog and, should your dog make a mess, please bag it up and put it in a public waste bin or take it home for disposal.

You can print out the free activities below to keep you and your family entertained while on your visit to the farm




Farm EyeSpy

Free Farm Quiz




Tree Identification Sheet

Scavenger Hunt


Cow dot to dot puzzle


Chicken maze puzzle


Animal word puzzles


Church Farm Tales - FREE PDF Childrens Book (c) Church Farm Ardeley




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